About Us

Durango For Safe Technology is dedicated to serving the community by providing resources and information for anyone who is concerned about the health and environmental impacts of 5G (5th Generation) infrastructure, and other wireless technologies.

In recent years, the advent of wireless technology has seen the placement of cellular towers and transmitters atop buildings, near homes and residential areas, and in other areas frequented by the public. These towers and transmitters emit radio frequencies that exceed safe limits for human health and environment, as established by thousands of independent peer-reviewed studies (see link above).

Our mission is to educate the public on the dangers of these frequencies, and provide a channel for our voices to be heard and taken into account by the local governance and planning authorities. We believe there are better ways to access and benefit from these technologies – ways that do not compromise our health and environment – via wired fiber optic cables near residences or public spaces, and placement of wireless towers and transmitters further away from populated areas.

We do not have to sacrifice our modern conveniences and technologies to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Fiber optics and the responsible placement of wireless towers and transmitters are not only safer in terms of health and environmental impact, but also offer a more reliable way to stay connected.

Please join us in this fight to make Durango a better and safer place for all who call it home. Your voice is needed! Subscribe to our newsletter (your information will NEVER be shared), consider a donation to help fund our efforts, or contact us to see about other ways you can get involved. The time to act is now, and one voice has the power to change the world.