Take Action

Contact Durango City Council

Make your voice heard! Contact our City Council members and let them know that we the people demand a moratorium on 5G in our community until it is proven safe! See below for contact information and sample letters to demand that our local officials take action.

General Email: citycouncil@durangogov.org

Physical Address
949 E. 2nd Avenue
Durango, CO 81301

Phone: (970) 375-5005

List Of Council Members Name & Contact Info:

  • Melissa Youssef – Mayor: 970-759-6477, melissa.youssef@durangogov.org
  • Dean Brookie – Mayor pro Tem: 970-749-3189, dean.brookie@durangogov.org
  • Kim Baxter – City Councilor: 970-799-5799, kim.baxter@durangogov.org
  • Chris Bettin – City Councilor: 970-903-7951, chris.bettin@durangogov.org
  • Barbara Noseworthy – City Councilor: 970-633-0448, barbara.noseworthy@durangogov.org